Talk About It: Lamar Odom x Khloe K & Mashonda vs. Alicia Keys


Lamar & Khoe really got married! Best wishes, but something about this union reeks of media circus…and if their relationship becomes a reality show, I’m going to off myself.

-Over the weekend, Mashonda wrote a tweet letter to Alicia Keys…as we all know AK stepped off with Mashonda’s husband, Swizz Beatz, who was a willing participant. I know we shouldn’t judge here at Parlour, so we’ll just say, sure, Twitter wasn’t the best forum to air out her issues, but we see her point. Keys portrays a certain image and the whole “other woman” thing doesn’t really jive with saving children in Africa, etc (or maybe it does (c) Angelina Jolie)

What do you think ladies?

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  • Dionne

    I only have two words for both situations: Hot mess.

  • jamiek

    her “husband” has clearly moved on to the next one so Mashonda needs to accept her reality and let this man go, she needs to get on w her life instead of being hung up on what goes on in her ex and AK’s life.
    This is soo not classy, not a good look at all. she sounds real bitter about the whole situation but u cant force love where there is none…deserves better than to beg for scum like that to come back.
    Be the bigger person, as we all know karma’s first name starts with a real big B!

  • i really feel bad for Moshanda…she have all rights to feel hurt and betrayed, she have a young child with this dog and he couldn’t be a man and make a commitment to his child, Alicia thinks she’s better than everyone else, but she will soon get what she beats is a dog and will die a dog, this whole rush into marriage thing wont suprise me when it comes crashing down. i’m not being a hater but human being must relised that we r human beings and not God. they try to do everything right but it is soooo dead wrong..#1 AK sleeps with a married man, #2 got pregnant for him, #3 relize it would look bad on her so she rushed into marriage (maybe she didn’t want to have the child out of wed lock)..i dont know but this whole thing is a HOT MESS… Moshanda should have some strenght & b around family & friends who cares for her…remember stay away from friends like ALICIA KEYS…they’re like the scopion & the frog….laugh & talk with u & behind your back stabbing you…i didn’t think in a million years AK would do something like that, well i guess i was being a FOOL…