Chris Brown x Bowtie x Larry King

chris brown larry king 2

There are several parts after the jump…Larry even asks Chris’ mom about her own abuse, which I think is a solid question since her life has affected the life of her son. I haven’t watched it all yet, but that bowtie strikes me as funny. And I can’t help but wonder why Chris’ team decided ancient Larry King was the place for a teen pop star to ‘break his silence.’ I’m sure the retiree crowd was really into it…anyone else think choosing this show was weird?
However, the real question is…Do you think Chris’ career is over?

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  • Lanai

    While I think the interview did more harm than good, I believe he could bounce back, just not where he used to be prior to the incident.

  • Ricki

    Hopefully this will be his last interview. He really needs to work on moving on.

    It just really sucks that a teachable moment about domestic violence spiraled into this.

  • I did not question his reason for going to Larry King. Traditionally he is known for being a light interviewer, so he would not go in like most other reporters. I’m sure he was viewed as a safe-and mainstream option to break his silence.

    But the problem is–he didn’t break his silence. He would have been better off not doing the interview at all because in essence he told us nothing that we didn’t already know. This interview could have lasted 15 minutes. It was painful to watch LK asking the same questions over and over because he was getting no where. Boring and pointless.