Kanye West x Jay Leno = Apology and Akwardness

ICYMI: Kanye West visited the debut of Jay Leno’s 10pm ‘late night’ show last night, where he apologized (again) for interrupting Taylor Swift’s performance. Check it out because I think Jay goes too far in his questions…I kinda wanted to smack him.

Kanye West On Jay Leno + Run This Town Performance

The interview…

The “Run This Town” performance…

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  • I was never a fan of Mr. West, but still managed to feel sadness for him. He embarrassed his friends and probably lost a few of them with his behavior. It was one of those sad moments.

  • Ye mentioned in his apology on his blog that his mom would have been disappointed. I”m sure that’s why Jay felt comfortable enough to go in. It was a smart move–although you may not agree with it. It showed an ass hole on the verge of breaking down. Wrong, maybe—but a ratings booster/buzz hit for sure.

  • i agree, mahogs. trying to get into the politics of his statement and any other tangent would not have given kanye reason to pause and really think about what he had done like that. i understand that some people don’t like the fact that he was chastised like a child but his behavior was rash and immature. given his ego, we all know his opinion on his own music but do we really care how he feels about beyonce’s? and at that particular time & place? he should have just shared his feelings with beyonce later. but what i really want to know is what is up with MTV’s security?!

  • i wonder if people would’ve thought differently if oprah was the one to give kanye the reality check. like, if she had said the exact same things, would it have been more acceptable?