50 cent x MTV hottest MCs list

NEW!: 50 Cent, Cons, Kanye, Johnny Legend, Britney Spears, Raekwon, Mariah Carey

MTV is holding their Hottest MC’s countdown and I have a bone to pick…Raekwon is # 10, and 50 Cent is #9. How is 50 #9 when the album he promised us LAST YEAR still isn’t out? “Have a Baby By Me Baby” ain’t enough to swing me to his side, even if the track is aimed at the ladies and features Ne-Yo. Same for the high school musical ish “hospital scare” Fif released virally yesterday. Missed it? This man said he was rushed to the hospital after he listened to Fat Joe’s upcoming album. He’s an entertaining bully, smh. Bleh…

+ Mariah Carey’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel drops today…do you care? Have you even heard her “new” first single, “I Want To Know What Love Is“? (me posting that link…yah, that’s my first time hearing it. sigh. We have to do better folks, BETTER!)

+ JUDGEMENT CALL: Britney Spears’ new jam “3” [thx TGJ!]

+ Honestly, we love Queens MC (and Q-Tip’s cousin and Kanye’s OG rhyme coach) Consquence ’round these parts, but he’s never really been the cat for radio spins, however this song “Whatever U Want” might get him attention. Clip after the jump!


Fif’s ridiculousness…

Consequence’s jam…

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