NY Fashion Week: She by Sheree, Hit or Miss?


Well, after a very public false start Sheree Whitfield aka one of the Atlanta Housewives, finally made it to NY Fashion Week this morning to show her Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Though she didn’t show at Bryant Park her venue, the downtown Red Bull Space, seemed to be a fitting choice for what appears to be a good beginner attempt. While I can’t seem to find a common theme in the looks that bring the collection together, it manages to have a few standout pieces, but sadly it seems that more effort went into the styling than the garments. Look out for more intel from our girl Kari Cruz tomorrow, until then enjoy these looks!










Sheree Whitfield

ps. soooo ironically I am JUST watching the latest RHOA while posting this, and while Sheree’s collection is no Armani, i’m feeling it a lot better than Lisa’s Closet Freak, lol! Sigh. Fashion.

images: J. Cohen for WireImage

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  • jacky

    Ok…who is going to tell me the punch line? It’s a joke right? What we just saw is a fashion joke, right? No. No it is not. It is for real!! Well…then..I will ask a question. How many of you have seen these same designs at your local junior shop for under $20? Come on now…you know you have! I know I have. I have the black lace bustier dress in black lace with purple unlay …and I got it at the Junior Shop! I could have purchased that bright yellow halter dress – but I didn’t have another $18.95.

    The “collection” is cheap, cheap, and did I forget to say cheap.

    I could do better!!!

  • jacky

    And….let me add… What the devil is Sheree wearing?? Is the female version of the Herman Munster look? And…what is up with her hair? No salons were open? What a sorry display!!!

    Since I’m back…let me say a bit more…

    The white pants and the gray satin top? What a unique concept. Who doesn’t own this already??? Even my Mom who is 70+ years old has this outfit. But…she doesn’t tuck in the shirt! Come on now! What is this???!!

    What is it with that coat? dress? that white satin buttonless creation that Ann Marie wore on That Girl!! How do you get in and out that coat…dress…buttonless creation? And…what is that thing from under it? Is it another buttonless creation? coat? dress?

    And that beige dress? The picture with the two girls in it. Is she somebody’s secretary who mistakenly walked out onto the runway? Tell me. She looks as bored as the collection is boring!

    Oh…I see Rihanna-looking, bored model wearing a zebra-like bustier and some Junior Shop tights. What is the cost that? Three dollars? Ooops, I’m sorry the tights cost $3.00 and the top…maybe $5.00.

    Ok…I’m done. Period. Dot.

  • finkies

    sorta like the multi-printer bustier, the jumpsuit, and the satin top with the chain back. a lot of it just looks poorly made. but i agree with @jacky — most of these looks could probably be found at forever 21….

  • I just want to point out that the first model, the Asian one, is from ANTM. Sheena! I just love spotting Tyra’s rejects out on the runway/in print!

  • Katrina

    Please forward all photos to hot ghetto mess. Sheree as much trash as you talk about everybody you know you needed to come better than that. Step up your game girl. Looks like Lisa will come out on top with this one too. Oh bye the way, I am sure Dwight would say “just dreadful”. You should have stopped by the beauty shop and got your hair done and I am certain you have a silk wrap on those nails being the leading lady in ATL that your are. What a joke! Just Dreadful!

  • Pamela

    Wow, how awful! I cant even believe that these “rags” were actually show at Fashion Week in NYC.

  • Neicy

    This is a miss as far as I can see. And Sheree’s outfit is horrible. It looks like a throwback from the 80’s and not in a fashionable forward way.

  • Jackie

    Sheree great second effort. I like the dress you were wearing. It looks nice but the SLEEVES need IMPROVEMENT. I’m proud of you.You have shown the world and your children that when you fail once it is okay to get back-up again and try. Your models need improvement. I know you got a lot more to show the world. keep your head up because you are a strong woman with style. As for all the haters that commenting badly about Sheree, “get a life.”

  • V.

    I mess,I would say forget Forever 21 references and lets take it to RAVE, or better yet – Rainbow. Sheree thinks way to highly of herself, and her debut at FASHION WEEK NYC was ill advised. I think a more humble approach would have been the best approach, maybe approaching some luxury stores with her “status” and seeing how a few of her pieces sell, before making a “belly flop” instead of a “splash” on Fashion Week. I will not compare her line to Lisa’s simply because I have not seen it, and too-each-her-own. Sorry Sheree, but this was two thumbs down…make it four-I’ll borrow a set from someone on the street.

  • V.


    Why is Sheree wearing those boots, and that dress in that length?- The look totally cuts her legs and makes them look squat. Also, the poor models look coked out, but not like Calvin Klein models.

  • jason

    “Shim by Him”

  • Carol

    Go Jason!! “Shim by Him” is HILARIOUS!!! ROFL!!

    Sheree’s line is a joke. Her line is NO BETTER than Lisa’s Closet Freak. I won’t even comment on her look.

  • DaJournalist

    I actually liked it. It’s young. It’s kind of conservative yet edgy…

  • Angie

    Umm…er…uh…NO, Sheree.

    OMG! These were presented at FASHION WEEK????? That is horrible! I don’t know what is worse, not having fashions for a fashion show OR having THESE fashions for your so-called fashion show.

    There is not ANYTHING in this collection that I found unique, inspiring, or interesting. Actually, I must say that I thought the SHOES that were chosen to accompany the “fashions” were better than the outfits themselves!

    Some people think too highly of their “ability”.
    I would buy it off the rack at Ross or T.J. Maxx but other than that, as haute couture, I’m not feeling it.

  • meeks

    looking at all the comments, I would advise Sheree to be humble, because the only who seems to like your line is you. 🙁

  • jblxx

    She should just change the name of these dreadful clothes to Cheap by Sheree{ and the last pic of sheree. wtf}

  • memejay

    Nothing is original about Sheree designs. I have seen these pieces before. I thought designers are supposed to come out with something new, not knock offs! oh, that’s right, she’s not a designer just playing make believe.

  • DreJ

    OMG? WTF? Ok I am a fan of RHOA and the sketches I saw on the show are better than what was produced on the runway. Im a 23 year old female who likes fashion and I wouldn’t catch myself in any of those looks. And who the hell styled these ladies? The hair and makeup are so not runway styles. All these outfits would and should only be worn on one person. Sheree. She designed them for herself and they should’ve stayed in her closet. Don’t let those freaks out anymore!

  • Brenda

    There is nothing outstanding about the line. I see a piece or two had some glimmer, but that was it. If this was something to get out of your system..it’s out. Go back to owning a boutique…the designers on Project Runway would be booted of the show for these pieces.

  • just my opinion

    Girlfriend this is not considered high-end fashion. I’m sure there are some folk that would wear this thinking they looked good in it. But a fashion designer you are not. Dwight was trying to help you and you should have let him. Sheree, please learn to to except criticism and learn from it. I can’t imagine seeing this anywhere. Did you look in the portfolios of the designers from Project Runway and Fashion Show, some of them looked familiar. Either do it well or don’t do it at all. Did anyone iron these clothes.

  • latoya

    i think the clothing is nice, and the accesories are really nice as well, and really brought the look. i wish her the best in all that she does and the fashion show was OFF-THE-HOOK, but i wouldnt put it in NM or L&T i would try for dillards or JCP because i dont think PPL would be spending crazy money for it..
    Lake Charles, LA im the BLOG!!!

  • Flygurl

    The jumpsuit is cute. Everything else is a hot mess. I heard somewhere that she is going to price them from $200 to $2000… They look like 10 dollar a piece from Ross… Girl friend needs to be less delusional.



  • Leanne

    The hems look so unfinished , like there is double sided tape holding them up . The colors dont intermix and the styles are horrid — cheap ! At least Closet Freak had one outfit that was HOT (orange ruffle neck jacket with shiny leggings) and the clothing was flattering. This stuff is one step away from a burlap bag.
    I’m surprised as her fashion show on Real HWOAtl had some attractive pieces , where did this come from ? And the outfits she wears to her shows are horrible. At her 1st show she had a classic satiny black dress with wooden jewelery and that horrid ponytail. Now this ? Shes a mess and needs to find a different path .

  • suzanne

    Sheree is delusional, all of the rhoa are. They are not high class, more like ghetto fabulous and that is insulting to the ghettos. This is NOT fashion, to be a designer you must be able to design. This is an insult to true designers everywhere. it’s like saying your a chef and never cooking. I have to laugh everytime I hear
    her opening line on the rhoa “people are intimidated by my success” what success? She makes a big deal out of being divorce, um hello that is not an acomplishment, it’s sad. She is a pathetic, hot mess and needs to get a J O B.

  • kaNunu

    Y’all are a bunch of haters. Thats whats wrong with people today, no one wants to say anything positive. I have a question who in the hell told y’all that you were fashion experts? I bet y’all look like shit and you know it, that why you r so hard on Sheree just to make yourselves feel better. Give me a funcking break and stop hating.. I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of hers in the first season but I will support anybody that is trying to make a way. So y’all bitches stop all that hating and I will love to c u do better. Fuck Off!!!

  • Kaily

    This is more like SHE BY SHANIQUA … i woun’t wear this down the HOOD

  • OMG! Is she still trying to make a new for herself in the fashion industry? There’s nothing innovative about her clothing line. She should just give it up!

  • Vicious Delicious

    She’s gotten a lot better.  I think a couple of the pieces are pretty decent.  But much of it looks copied from other lines. 

  • Rachel

    I love the grey jumpsuit but the everything else looks plain and not original. She needs to throw the towel in.

  • Lyndall58

    This is way below what I thought Ms. Sophisticated Sheree would do…not good at all!