Welcome To The Doll House: Barbie Has Arrived

Love Barbie? I did, and much to my mother’s chagrin I only wanted Christie (aka Black Barbie) and Hawaiian Barbie—only. But other than my discerning juvenile taste, I desired all of the Pepto-pink madness: the house, the corvette, the horse, and a closet-full of clothes and shoes. Unfortunately for my dolls, I made them go out with members of the Transformers so they were really all dressed up with not place to go. Ok, let me stop now…

If you still have fond memories of sexless, over-tanned dolls with permanent make-up, check out the world’s first-ever Barbie store for Mattel. Designed by Slade Architecture in Shanghai, China, it is the world’s largest and most complete collection of all things Barbie, complete with designer and reproduction dolls, Barbie style and makeup.While I’m not the biggest lover of all things pink now, Slade did an excellent job at the design. See below.

Included in the store is a day spa, cafe, hair and nail salon and designer Barbie studio where you can customize your own doll.

See and learn more over at AR and the Telegraph

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  • i wasn’t really into barbie when i was little. i was more of a babydoll type of girl but i still wanted to play with my friend’s barbie in her dream house and drive around the livingroom in her corvette. however, when they came out with the chocolate trio – asha, nichelle, and shani – i wanted asha, of course. i wonder if they carry them.

  • selena

    were is that barbie store at

  • selena

    That is so awsome!!!!