Whitney Houston on Good Morning America


Did anyone catch Whitney’s performance on Good Morning America this morning?  What did you think?  There is no question that she can’t deliver the notes that she used to, which was a bit painful to watch, but overall I’m happy to see her back. I like this Whitney much more than the cracked out reality show Whitney. Even if she only puts out one album, at least we know she’s back in the game.  Watch her performance HERE.

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  • Eddie

    I enjoy seeing Whitney back. I cringed at times, I laughed, I cheered. Between Michael Jackson’s death and Whitney’s voice lost all of our childhood musical idols are no more. I cry

  • I like her alot and she is getting better as she go hello she’s older her voice changed over the years you people who talking crap get a life.

  • Amy

    She has an amazing voice.