Deal of The Day: Tag Yourself Cute

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What: Area Code and Initial Luggage Tags, $20/€13 ea

Where: Macys!

Why: In honor of Steely’s voyage to South America today, I dug up some of the cutest luggage tags ever. After witnessing two women lose their composure in London because they both had the same bag, tied with similar ribbons to “mark” them, I knew it was time to invest in a luggage tag combo that was cute, unique and wouldn’t get caught on the conveyor belt.

PS. It’s Friday—Go somewhere this weekend!

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  • Ricki

    Am I blind or did they miss 415 and 510? If so, these are wack. 🙁

  • *gasp* they did!!! u know im an honorary Bay girl and Steely is a Bay baby too…hmmm…but i bet they have an R!!

  • whose area code is still 212?! 718, baby.