H-Town X Jodeci = New Video!


Please don’t ask me why I am so excited about this. I was never a big fan of H-Town, but Jodeci was my four-man boyfriend in the nineties, so chalk it all up to my nostalgia. Apparently, we’ve moved from “Knockin’ Boots” and “Knocking Heels,” and walked away from leather vests and combat boots, but the 15 year-old in me still loves it all and K-Ci still knows he can saaaang! This video/single is the first from H-Town’s upcoming album entitled…wait for it….Child Support. RIP to Devante’s cuteness. Peep the vid after the jump.

Is anyone else having visions of a Jodeci X H-Town X 112 X Naughty By Nature revue at your local show hall in the near future? You know you would go though….

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  • couldn’t make it past “shazam!” i tried to listen to this track a week ago and had to stop it at the same spot. some things need to remain memories. but i can say (or restate my bf’s opinion) that the album name is almost genius, given all of the boots they were knockin’ back in the days.

  • aileezee

    I swear fo’ gawd he says “hand me a Newcastle baby” and not “let me in your castle” at the beginning. Same thing.

  • This is so sad..

  • JTG

    i did listen to the ENTIRE song, unfortunately.

    i liken it to what skiing down Mt. Fuji must feel like. at the top, you feel as if you are king or queen, the world is yours (that’s the nostalgia of Jodeci and H-Town songs in their hey). you look down to begin your descent noticing the slight hesitation in your gut (pressing play to this “video”). you’re off, no turning back, you ask yourself, “was this a mistake?” (you ask yourself, “is that Chappelle as Tyrone Biggums as Devonte? wtf.). the next thing you know you’re half way down the mountain feeling the upset scowl on your face as you answer yourself, “yes, and i will never get this time back. i am scared for my life (“yes, and now i must cleanse my soul with some N’degeocello and pray in front of my Marvin Gaye poster, “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”). Phew, you have reached the bottom of a torturous ride, perhaps the most torturous of your life (definitely one of the most disappointing, but wait, they’re not done!?! a bonus treat, a snippet of another song where we learn sign language. i now know how to sign “Pac Man”).

    p.s. they said, “you’re body’s mine mine mine mine, cause i’m gonna na na na na”. what’s a “na na na na”? where’s my karma sutra book when i need it?

  • Biscuit

    I can’t bring myself to watch that again, so I can’t count the total number of cliches/swipes from good R&B songs. It’s a shame because after All My Life, I could’ve let K-Ci and Jo-Jo reside in the sweet heaven of my memories. Knocking Your Heels off?

    I thought some R&B singers would’ve learned from Rick James that drugs and music don’t work for everyone. Dude from H-Town looks like he smokes weed three times a day.

    Not everyone can do a Ron Isley or a Barry White and make griding music when they’re older than 35. They remind of some old dudes in the club, like the holla-holla-holla guy from the Chappelle Show, only old dude was funny. They were really pathetic. Like Ali fighting Larry Holmes. Somethings just shouldn’t happen.

  • for some sad reason i can’t stop watching this video today…but we all know im the “weird” one. its like watching a train crash…over and over!