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Maybe it’s the fact that it contains genes from viruses that are typically found in pigs, birds and humans, or perhaps it’s residual cultural anxiety from the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, but something has seemed fishy about this whole swine flu H1N1 business from the very beginning. It just reeks of the fear tactics we’ve been dealing with in the years since 9/11 (ooo, did you shiver just now?).

All I know is that I get rather skeptical when it comes to the government pushing me to get vaccinated against something that some groups claim was created in a lab to begin with. Sound like a conspiracy theory? Maybe, but it’s certainly possible. The CDC admits as much in this post, which details how they “reconstructed the influenza virus that caused the 1918-1919 flu pandemic, which killed as many as 50 million people worldwide.”

Now I’m not saying the government is trying to kill us off, but all these things do add up to me never getting this f’ing vaccine. But in New York State, the Health Commissioner recently informed healthcare workers that they have no choice—he handed down a regulation making H1N1 vaccination mandatory for people working in hospitals, clinics and medical home care. I was upset when I heard this on the news, and wondered if they would go along with it. I’m happy to write that hundreds of healthcare workers protested against being forced to receive an inadequately tested vaccine for fear of losing their jobs.

Even better, the Public Employees Federation, the New York State United Teachers and four nurses sued to reverse the policy, and a New York State Supreme Court judge granted a temporary restraining order last Friday. A hearing will be held at the end of the month to determine if it will be made permanent. I hope they emerge victorious; mandating vaccinations in healthcare workers is just steps behind mandating them in the general population, and I seriously don’t have time to add another cause to my roster.

Are you worried about contracting H1N1? Had it already, like Miss London? What was your experience? Will you get the vaccine?


P.S. Shouts to my husband for today’s banging post title.

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  • Thai

    I am so glad that someone else was upset as I was when I heard people were being forced to get this H1N1 vaccine. Perhaps I am skeptical because I grew up in a home where my mother stuffed us full of herbs at the faintest sight of a cold…but I’m 30 and I’ve had the flu once and I think it was really just my bad judgement and sick woman on the airplane!! I am the ultimate conspiracy theorist! I’ve seen doctors tell someone they are gonna die in 6 months and then the patient goes the holistic route and rids themselve of the dis-ease! I’m not falling for this and I’m NOT getting a vaccine!!

  • I believe my son had the swine when it first came around town..I didn’t get him tested but his dr agreed it probably was and since he’s otherwise healthy and not showing extreme symptoms to just treat his symptoms and he’d be fine in a few days..and he was. My parents and friends were all up in arms, yelling at me to take him to the hospital and why wasn’t I upset and worried. I’m like CALM DOWN PEOPLES! It’s just the flu..jeez.

    We’ve never gotten the regular flu shot so I don’t see a reason to get the h1n1 shot…don’t more folks die from the regular flu than the swine? you don’t see all this hoopla for the regular flu…unless you’re in a high risk group, folks need to chill

  • Diane

    The only difference, at this time, between flu strains is that H1N1 is new and we have less/no immunity. Having said that, the best way to boost an immunity is to get the durn thang.

    All this antibacterial, pump yourself full of ‘cillins and vaccines (with exceptions, of course) – only makes your immune system weaker.

    I don’t know if I ever had the flu – and the one time I took the shot – it was no biggie.

    I am, however, in agreement that older folks (prefaced with if they have ailments), and those with compromised immune systems – all should heed the warning for ALL flus – and get themselves shotted. I don’t agree with ‘small children’ – in total – getting vaccinated. Let your kid get a virus – it’ll make ’em stronger (except if you child has a compromised system).

    As I fall into none of these categories physically (mentally, I sometimes feel childish or feeble… ;)) – I’ll take my chances and stay home if I get a fever. Will I call university medical as I am instructed to do? Heck no. When the fever hits – you’ve already incubated and are contagious. When I feel better, I’ll come back. That’s the plan – medical may think otherwise. Yes, we are told we MUST contact univ. medical. Whatevah…

  • Van

    I am not in agreement with getting the H1N1 vaccine. However, I have gotten my regular flu shot. Reason being, I am over 40, I started taking it a few years ago and decided to continue. I am opposed to the scare tactics as well as forcing people to get the shot. I agree with Diane. If you are sick you should stay home and not spread it around, come back to work or whatever it is that you do when you are feeling better. That will surely lower the stats on the spread of the virus. Also, you are not likely to get in “hot water” because you stayed home from work. Schools and employers are urging personnel not to come in sick.

  • Diane

    Thanks Van. I wonder, though, if our little ‘phone/email’ ploys are to gather info for the CDC or what-have-you. I am not a fan of having to call in – tell them I am/am not running a fever… I mean, if it’s all the honor system then let it be that without Big Brother needing to know.

    Plus, I’m durn tired of having outsiders having to wipe our fannies. Grow up people – don’t send your kids or selves out if you’re under the weather.

    Kinda goes along with grow up and take responsibility in general – it seems we’ve become a bunch of whiners and want Big Brother to bail us out of everything – shoot.

    Sorry, having one of those days.

  • KT

    I have never taken the flu shot and unless my health gets compromised in a way that I HAVE to take it, I don’t ever plan on it. I’ve never had ANY form of the flu might I add (I’m almost 29).

    A lot of this boils down to personal hygiene for most people. If you go to the bathroom, was your hands with soap and water. Use sanitizer when needed. Stay your butt at home (if you can) if you’re sick. Don’t send sick children to school. It really is that simple. The swine flu is being labeled an epidemic because it’s a new strain-they did the same thing with the Avian flu a few years back and now, I only hear it mentioned briefly in articles like these.

    It is insane to me that people are trying to mandate this vaccine. Some people follow a holistic approach to their health-if they work in the healthcare field would they be included? No one be forced to take medication that in all actuality, may not even work.

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories but something stinks and it’s not the kitty litter…