News Bites: Wayne Pleads Guilty, Popeasaurus!, Obama Demands Money Back, Palin Can Write?, OJ Gets Booed

Wayne’s going to jail for one year for gun possession, although his manager Cortez Bryant says the gun was his and my boy at MTV says one year really means eight months with good behavior. So what’s going to happen to his rock album and all those new baby boys? [MissInfo]
Get ready Tina Fey: Sarah “I can see Russia from my house” Palin is hitting Oprah, promoting her new book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” on Nov. 16. If you recall, Op wouldn’t iv any politicians because she didn’t want to take sides, or something like that. Pause for how Palin’s book title reminds me of Mariah and both ladies bloated sense of self-importance. [UsWeekly]
Popeasaurus! [Global Post]
The Obama administration ordered pay cuts for the highest paid employees of companies’ who’ve received the most bailout dollars. I say good. [NYT]

ps. OJ Da Juiceman got booed off the stage at a concert last night? Yikes, his music might be questionable, but Juiceman is nice enough, and booing is pretty ‘core. [XXL]

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