PLR Links!: Fiona’s Art, FREE PRINCE JAMS!, Supplemental Abortions? + MORE!

fiona street art

I love street art that reads like a Fiona Apple jam[Streetsy]

One of our fave Latinas, Mrs. Aguilera, is finished with her latest LP. No title yet, but look for Burlesque, a film co-starring Christina and CHER. Rando, we know… [Latina]

Rebecca Walker: Transracial Adoption = Modern day Slavery? [Racialicious]


Many women are salty that T.Perry is involved with “For Colored Girls” – are you salty too? [TheRoot]

Wait, in this convoluted Health Care Bill, private insurance companies are suggesting women be charged a “supplemental rider” for abortions? [Feministing]

Kanye x Lady GaGa tour is official a wrap. That’s sad… [herfection]

Goodie Mob = NYC concert on Nov. 13 [BKVegan]

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  • as much as I wanted to see “push” adapted into a movie, it feels like I’m swallowing a little piece of glass whenever I remember that t. perry is involved. I’m still going to see it, just like I’ll go see “for coloured girls…” but damn man, isn’t “for coloured girls” about empowering women? where are the female producers and directors? and back to “push”/”precious”, where is sapphire? I haven’t seen an interview with her or heard anyone mention her name in an interview when she wrote the book. I get that t. perry admires women but can he just let us be great from the audience?