Truth Be Told

Image and video hosting by TinyPicLast night, as I do every Monday night, I was sitting on the couch pondering what to write about in this space and hoping I could keep it short (fat chance). As I brainstormed story ideas, I thought about the point of all this, why I write this column, and I can actually sum it up pretty succinctly: To tell the truth, as I see it, on issues that touch the lives of our readers socially and politically. And that thought led me to a convo I had yesterday. I was out with my girl Tina and she said she didn’t think she could offer up her ideas (and by extension, herself) for scrutiny each week. It was an interesting notion, because I have never really thought about it that way. As a writer, it has always just been what I do, overshare in the form of the written word and keep it moving.

And that got me to thinking: what if we were all forced to only tell the truth, all the time? I mean, you couldn’t even tell little white lies anymore. So I couldn’t say, “No thanks, I just ate,” to avoid telling someone, “No thanks, I don’t eat pig parts. I think my entire system would shut down if I even tasted one. No I’m not Muslim. No, I don’t think you’re going to die or go to hell for eating it, whatever floats your boat.”

Sounds awful, right? But think of the clarity and freedom it would give us. There are so many great things that could come with Liar Liar like restrictions on truthiness. The outraged celebs who say that what Roman Polanski did wasn’t, you know, rape rape, could admit that they are just hoping to further the idea that celebs can do whatever they want to without consequences. And Woody Allen can admit that he hopes this situation will continue to divert our attention from his marriage to his girlfriend’s daughter, Soon-Yi. Ooo, and Morgan Freeman and his step-granddaughter/fiancé situation, too! We could even admit that while President Obama has swag to spare now, if he was just a dude working in the financial district (shudder), we’d think he was kinda corny.

And think about all the significant stuff we’d be forced to admit:

  • Swine flu’s origin story would probably make for a compelling Michael Moore exposé.
  • That all this “post-racial” talk is bullshit.
  • That Glenn Beck isn’t a lone crazy person, but is actually representative of a portion of our society.
  • That this war might just be a losing proposition and another surge could be fruitless and dangerous.
  • That those very same Democrats who we voted for last fall are doing their best to shoot holes in change as both an idea and a reality, and perhaps this whole Democrat thing isn’t the shake.
  • That, so far, the “war on terror” under President Obama looks a lot like the “war on terror” under President Bush.
  • That we need to get off our tails and work out right now—oh wait, that’s just me.

What would you admit if you were forced to tell the truth all the time? What do you think would happen to America if the government was forced to do the same? The world?


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  • Thai

    I think just the thought of everyone speaking the truth is worse than watching The Shining, in the mountains, not far from the hotel in Colorado where it was filmed (yes I did this!). There is a lot of “ugly” in this world and I’m not sure I really want to see all of it.
    Living in Chicago, I have been ANGRY for a long time when it comes to the kids and how they are killing each other at alarming rates. If I had to tell the truth, I would stop all these marches and candle light vigils and tell Jesse and Al that it’s just NOT working! Stop being the poster child and get out of the spotlight and do some damn work! I would tell all of these folks who keep pushing reports out about gangs being the root of the evil, that it starts in the community! Derrion Albert was an honor role student who was NOT affiliated with a gang. He lost his life to a bunch of lost boys who more than likely were jealous he had a family who cared. The whole Stop Snitchin’ campaign was a joke, I’d tell all of them to their face that I am going to tell! Don’t let me catch you doing anything, because I have the tip line on speed dial! Back in the day I got a spanking from my neighbor, and though it caught me off guard, my parents didn’t do anything because they believe it took a community to raise the kids.
    People just don’t care anymore. Collectively we have lost the value of life. We might as well be the stars in the new Zombie movie. It’s time for people to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and stop being afraid! You wanted the truth and that’s my truth for today. But so many people only know how to react..they only know how to come together to fill a church for a funeral or walk the streets during a march or cry in disbelief on TV. I’m not trying to be insensitive, because anyone who knows me knows I cry at the drop of a dime, I just think Jack was right, we can’t handle the truth.