Morning Video: Beyonce X GaGa “Video Phone” Remix

Snap for the kids ladies…am I the only one who wants to run to the gym and bikini waxer after this? Good Morning! Click the jump for the pant-less wonder.

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  • i know that it’s beyonce’s song/video but why couldn’t she let lady gaga be great in color?! that all white number bored me and LG’s hair looked like a fulton ave. (ok, maybe not fulton. nostrand?) rush job with her roots all exposed. beyonce was beyonce. she gives good face. but what was up with the paint guns or whatever they were? maybe she should’ve shot LG with them.

  • Chantal

    This video is NSFW and almost got me fired….lol

  • Steely D

    I think that Gaga was un-Gaga’d? Somehow Bey toned her down and I’m not a fan of the result, still enjoy seeing the ladies together, but I’d love it if Gaga was a bit more crazy-fashion-madness…with a better verse. I also don’t think this song flatters Gaga vocally because she’s better at belting out notes…