V Mag X Terry Richardson = Viva la Curvy Girls!


So for the upcoming issue of V Magazine, on newstands Jan 14th, Terry Richardson decided to take two models, one “model thin” and the other “plus-sized aka NORMAL” and let the viewer decide. Our unofficial web tally is that Crystal Renn of Ford Models is killing it with her curves. What is even more interesting is Crystal’s story. She went from being a weight-obsessed, eating disorder having, trying to make it in NYC model to one of the hottest girls in the game. Read all about it here. More sneak previews after the jump.



Who are you feeling the most?


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  • labelling her plus-sized is still a misnomer but i know the scale, faulty though it is. so, give it up for the curvy girl.

  • The second model looks better in the close and her shots a stunning…

  • A close up shot tells alot about a model….
    The apparel hang better on second model definitely.

  • Marcie

    I’ve always been a fan of fuller-figured models. There’s a great site with many images of Crystal and other plus-size models here:


    They’re all gorgeous.

    The site’s forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.