Win a Hookup! You Know You Want One…

I love a good drink in a nice bar, but you know what I really enjoy? A restaurant with the foresight to install those lovely purse hooks underneath their bar. Unfortunately, not all of my fave resty’s do this – and I’m forced to figure where to put my Louis Vuitton that isn’t:

1) on the floor – bad karma and it’s dirty…

2) back of my chair – where I’m waiting to be robbed…

Thankfully, I’ve found The Hookup, a sexy purse hook that comes in both platinum and gold to save your Louis Vuitton (or Marc, or Chanel or____) from the floor or that table of shifty dinners next to you. And to make sure this do-hickey works, we’re sending two Parlouristas out on the town with the Hookup to see it in action.

Don’t worry, we’re not having all of the fun — we’ve got a stash of Hookups to give out to you ladies beginning Dec. 9-18, so click the link below and sign up to win! C’mon…you know you want one!

Click here to sign up!

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  • HisRoyalHighKicks

    HOT!!! One for all the ladies on my list…

  • Jenna

    I love my Hookup!

  • Sharon Seibel

    Would love to get one. Where? Thanks