JudgementCall: The Golden Globes

The Golden Globes…host Ricky Gervais made fun of himself, Paul McCartney and shameless self-promotion, Mo’Nique won the one award allotted to Precious and Avatar was the belle of the ball, if they deserved it or not. Now it’s your turn to judge the outfits after the jump!

Jewel tones on Leona Lewis flatter her, love Ginnifer Goodwin’s cerulean short piece, and love that she’s giving face while holding her own umbrella.

Engaged couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski look adorable, her dress gets the job done but doesn’t thrill me. Meanwhile, Helen Mirren and Sade must be drinking the same bottle of virgin blood. I want to look that good when I’m AARP-age.

Battle of the Golden Globes read boobs: Ryan Seacrest called Mariah’s boobs golden globes, and it stuck for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, “Mad Men’s” Joan aka Christina Hendricks looks voluptuous in her “peachy champagne” Christian Siriano gown. Let the ruffles begin…

Penelope Cruz: “I’m not like Puff Daddy, I hold my own umbrella.” LOL…her dress and hair was different, the soft wave, pulled back on one side complimented the off the shoulder gown. The train is a great touch. Why’s Taylor Lautner there? Um, I’m Team Jacob. Don’t judge me.

Gabby Sidibe and Jane Krakowski do the jewel tones…

Jennifer Garner puts me to sleep, but I’m proud of Jane Lynch’s, from “Glee”, and her glam bronze gown. This is a long way from the vicious lesbian lawyer on “The L Word.”

Sofia Vergara, of “Modern Family,” love the sash and the muted blue, sets her apart from her cohorts. Sandra Bullock, jewel tone gown, however her hair was my fave part of this look.

Heidi’s dress is fabulous, and Zoe Saldana’s…it’s alot going on. It’s cute, just alot going on…

Chloe Sevigny’s fashion face is killing me, serve it up! Her gown in a muted lavender accented with a soft wave of ruffles actually get it right. She and Kate Hudson were my fave looks of the night. Also…I think Mo’Nique looks great, but are those the same hairy legs that we’ve seen before? Sigh…

Who’s your fave?

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  • if mo wants to rock hairy legs, then more power to her (i think it’s gross but that’s just me) but if her gown is long, why is she hitching it up?! yet another reason why black folk ain’t free…penelope cruz and kate hudson were my faves.

  • Steely D

    her legs ARE holding us back…i mean

  • Ricki

    Leona’s dress is a beautiful color, but it looks cheaply made. I’m thinking it’s that awful material because the design is actually nice.

    Is Taylor’s tux leather?

    Mariah never fails to look a mess. I applaud her for being consistent.

  • in the immortal words of star, “applaud that woman!”