NewsBites: A Message from China, No Limits on Campaign Spending, Fashion’s Spring 2010, Vacationing in Haiti, and Tonight’s Telethon.

China gives Hillary the finger: ‘Keep meddling in our censorship laws, and you’ll be sorry!’ [NYT]

A decision has been made on the campaign finance debate that had been dragging on recently: The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the government cannot limit political spending by third party interest groups. See what this means for the strength of lobbyists and corporations. [NYT]

This Spring: Patterns, patterns, and more patterns! See Vogue‘s Spring 2010 Shopping Guide. But will the balmy weather last? [Vogue]

An interesting debate rages on: Royal Caribbean has resumed its cruise stop on the peninsula of Labadee, just miles away from Port-au-Prince. The private beach was unaffected the quake, and through million dollar investments by multinational corporations, has become a “private paradise,” of sorts. But would you vacation there now? Some say “we already had our ticket.” [CNN]

And don’t forget to tune into what’s expected to be a star-studded multimillion dollar telethon. Hope for Haiti. Tonight at 8!

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  • Good article. President Bill Clinton once said, “everyday we wake up, we wake up Chinese”. He’s talking about China’s leverage over the USA. President Obama can’t change that fact right now, we are indebted to them. Vacationing so near Haiti is so callous. I even had the nerve to think Royal Caribbean would use a ship or two to help house Haitians. Why not? They’ve been very blessed financially. Maybe the land in Senegal is the only viable option. There is so much money collected for Haitians, there needs to be back accounts for the survivors. At the very least Haiti should be rebuilt as quickly as South East Asia after the tsunami five years ago. Thank you.