On Being Resolute

Image and video hosting by TinyPicIt was during New Year’s Eve dinner with a bunch of old and new friends (chin chin!) that I realized I’d been so focused on closing out 2009, that I hadn’t really given much thought to the coming year beyond realizing that we are apparently breaking patterns and going with “twenty-ten.” We were going around the table introducing ourselves (I know it’s kinda corny, but most folks were several sheets to the wind at that point, so it was actually kinda hilarious) and nearly everyone had some slogan that would kick in at midnight. One friend resolved to be “Thin Again in 2010,” another was shooting for “No Boys, Only Men in 2010”—you get the idea. But when it was my turn to speak, I didn’t have a clever slogan to spit, rhyming or not.
It’s not that I don’t want great things for myself and my family this year, but I guess I felt that I was carrying so many old battles with me into the new year that there was no need to add more to the list. On the personal level, we relocated to the Washington, DC-area a few days before Christmas (“The Urrrea” to my fellow HU alums), and though I think it was nothing short of divine intervention that put us in our new home, I’m here to tell you that moving across state lines ain’t no punk. If I told you we were settled, I’d be a lie; I’m still stubbing toes on boxes at every turn. Not to mention that I have no fewer than five articles due over the next two weeks, and my book is due to my editor on Friday—all things that I started last year and brought into the new year. That’s not me complaining, that’s just real talk. Thinking outside myself, the healthcare reform bill has still not made it to President Obama’s desk; much to my dismay, said president is very much a “war president”, grrrrr; mainstream (and social) media is turning us all into mindless idiots (no really); and people are quoting f’ing Ray J! Who needs to add more drama to that mix?

But of course, to call it drama is to forget that my challenges are some of the most awesome blessings I could encounter, and to call my challenges battles is to assume that the goals I set will be difficult to achieve. And that, my friends, is not how I like to operate. Positive thinking—combined with hard work—manifests a positive reality, or something like that. So I’m officially checking myself. I will be resolute about what I want this year, and know—not hope—that things will fall into place. Come on stress-free days, a healthy family, another book deal, a more curious/concerned/conversant populace and world peace…!

What are you going to be resolute about this year? Got a slogan to propel you? Just upset that “keep it 100” appears to be creeping into the lexicon and wanna rant about it? Do tell!


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  • Thai

    While 2009 was coming to a close it became very clear to me that there were people I had to let go, people that generally do nothing but bring me down. After evaluating all of the projects I want, scrtach that, nee to get down in 2010, I can’t waste too much energy on negative people. I have known for some time that I serve as that friend that people call when they need to complain or need to vent about something. Under normal circumstances, I don’t mind being that person, sometimes I enjoy it, but if our entire relationship is based on your nagging, I can’t and won’t do it in 2010. My tag has been, and though it may not rhyme it is what I’m standing on “No Negative Nellies in 2010!”

  • Diane

    Happy New Year, Kenrya! And welcome ‘back’ to the South. Ahem.

    I reflected on the Eve of the new decade that is twenty-ten. Highlights: Started grad school. Left a longtime job (buyout) and spent a year regrouping. Fell deeply in love. Miraculously found a new job from a fellow classmate (met Kenrya… ;)) Finished grad school. Got published. Left my love for the right reasons. Left NY – the only place I’d ever lived. Took two carloads of boxes and some UPS-sent items with me and left the rest in the ‘what was.’ I mended mind and spirit here in NC – reconnecting with a brother I’d lived away from for decades. He opened his home and life to his wounded little sister. I sat for months looking for job and home. I drove around desperately trying to link in to this new world. All the while being terrified of being jobless and homeless. And then I received a job offer and six weeks later, moved out to my first new home.

    All the past decade I worked on the spiritual, within and surrounds. It is a part of who I am – and flows through my words and energy. It was my decade of ‘leaps of faith.’

    In 2010 I’ll be leaping into unknowns – and finding kindred souls to share with while shedding the last of the old fears and confines.

    Can I re-use the tag: Out with the old…

    @Thai – good for you! Love the tag but love more that you love yourself!

  • Diane

    OK, here’s my tag: Concise is not a word to fear…

    Sorry for the long post, again

  • Love your post, Kenrya! (Admittedly, I ALWAYS do). This year, I am resolute in “flying above” it all. Thanks for the theme song, Kandi Burruss and thanks for the inspiration, Kenrya.

    @Thai and @Diane. I wish you both the best on your respective journeys towards “No Negative Nellies in 2010!” and “Out with the old…”

  • George aka your neighbor to the Northeast

    Great post Kenrya! Glad you are in the new home and back at it. 🙂

    One of my favorite slogans used to be “Go Hard or Go Home.” Well I took some kerosene, splashed it in the living room (the figurative one Tina, no worries), took a match and burned the house down. If I go home in 2010 it means I didn’t achieve my goals, that I didn’t go hard enough in all aspects of life. So in 2010 JUST GO HARD!

  • Leilani

    Like you, I’m too busy for a New Years Resolution. I’m just gonna keep on doing what I’m doing: working, taking care of my kid, and other peoples kids. Maybe I’ll try to throw in enjoy life, Thai this is gonna sound negative, when I get a chance to breathe. To Diane, as a Washingtonian, I refuse to except this is the south. Even though I know my father and aunts speak with a southern twang.

  • Diane

    Shaunice – my best to you!

    Leilani – I know… it’s south but it isn’t. But as a lifelong NYer til a couple of years ago – anything south of the Meadowlands (as I hang my head in shame over the Giants) is/was South.

    Here’s to enjoying pieces of your life in the coming year!

  • Van

    Happy New Year’s!

    I am so glad you and Tahad are near . . . Thank you for giving me food for though in 2009 and I look forward to your articles in 2010.

    I have had many challenges throughout 2009!! It is not over and I look forward to all that is coming my way for 2010!!

    I do not know if it is due to age, maturity or growth, but New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past for me. Instead, I am focusing on clearing up the old, continuing to be thankful for the new.

    Happy New Year’s Everyone!!

  • Tahad

    Happy New Year! to all the wonderful people who read my lovely wife articles. late to the touch of the keys, but better than never.