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Image and video hosting by TinyPicEver feel like you’re living in an alternate universe? Like you took the wrong pill and woke up in The Matrix Bizzaro World, where people lend more brainpower to speculating on who will win the Academy Award for Best Picture than they do to whether or not an extension of unemployment benefits will be approved (it was last night, despite Republican Senator Bunning’s one-man filibuster)? Or you realized that Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are still filming shows (seriously, I thought those were all repeats from when I was in high school, until the hubby and I got stuck watching a truly awful episode of “Jerry” about “love” triangles yesterday)?
It’s this discombobulation that can sometimes make it difficult to care about what’s going on. I’m not talking about apathy rooted in laziness or ignorance, but rather an intermittent disenchantment with the system that can be damn near paralyzing. It’s the feeling that makes you delete the email from that grassroots advocacy group instead of signing the latest petition; the feeling that makes you throw your hands up on healthcare reform; the feeling that makes you think if everyone is really this stupid, then the system must be stupid, and fighting stupidheads will just make you look like a stupidhead.

I definitely have those days. Hell, just figuring out what to write about in this space can be an exercise in pushing myself to run right out of my own Forrest Gump-type leg braces. It’s hard to get excited enough about issues to write on them when I know that most folks won’t be moved to any type of action anyway. But I solider on like a good, um, soldier. So this week I’m challenging myself—and you—to take just one step towards the Bizarro World exit. Whether that means signing the petition to repeal the insurance company antitrust exemption, or joining me and contributing to healthcare reform-supporter Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter’s bid to challenge conservative democrat Blanche Lincoln for her senate seat, do something this week, no matter how stupid it might seem. Collectively, those steps to the left might just be enough to restore some order to this topsy-turvy universe.

What do you care about enough to fight for? The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Healthcare reform? Getting Maury Povich’s Paternity Test Tuesdays off the air once and for all? Tell us about it, then go take a step.


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  • ak

    so true Kenrya. it is so hard to stay motivated in absence of action. but people are reading and thinking. keep it up!

  • Julie

    Povich’s Paternity Test Tuesdays off the air PLEASE!!!!

    But seriously speaking, yeah, disenchantment with the system is a major factor in my not caring anymore. Scratch that, caring but not as much as I should. I’m a go-getter type of person, and if i set my mind on to get something done, it’ll be done (remember, building water wells in Cambodia, no matter how far fetched of an idea it was in the beginning – done! All because i was 100% in charge of what was going on and 100% of the project depended on me, not on bureaucrat behind the desk). So, my problem with this entire system-thing is that it really doesn’t matter how much you pursue your idea, at the end, not much depend on your efforts, you are not a decision maker, there are too many factors/people that the final outcome will depend on. So, I get discouraged when i know that I have no control (very little control) over the process, and therefore the outcome. So, back to regularly scheduled Springer for me… — just kidding, every time i see that ontv i pull my gag-bucket closer to the couch…

    I do care about environment though, and I turn off lights every time I can, everywhere, one little step, right?! Also, i’ll be participating in Earth Hour on March 27, my friend is throwing a party and we all going to be hanging out by candle light, eating and drinking, with all electricity offlol (for more info go to

  • Diane

    OK. So I do not get much junk mail – I do not catalog shop so they don’t bother (unlike the rest of the family who average 6 or so per day). Yea for the environment. I don’t drink soda/bottled water – yea for the environment. I’m proud to say before the energy co’s increase, I had summer (this is the south) electric bills of around $35. And winter (normal) was like $50. This year, I hit triple digits – and I no longer believe global warming. Thermostat at 67. Whatever.

    I might could get excited about all the government happenings, but I cannot. Jaded is a nice word for how I view politicians and all their backdoor deals. Until we can reform the entire system so an everyday ‘Joe/Josephine’ has a chance to be a Congress-person or Senator – we are stuck with the wealthy, loophole loving, cretins we’ve had/have/will continue to have. How John Edwards thought he’d be Prez… I could start on Paterson, but why? If I was still in NY I’d be crying for Spitzer’s return… isn’t that sad?

    I feel for Haiti, I feel for Chile – and yet I wonder where we’re getting all the $$ for aid to them. I also feel for the poverty within our own country – the disgrace that is the plight of the Native Americans. But we have the BIA right? Och.

    Now back to regularly scheduled programming that is LOST. Come May 24th – I will officially have no life.

  • Van

    There are so many issues, OK, I will pick one.

    I will deal with healthcare reform and read my e-mails from the NAACP and my President that keep me updated on how the GOP is using the “filibuster” tool in the U.S. Senate and it needs to be amended. . .

  • Nay

    For me its food industry reform. A while back you wrote a column about how and why you changed your diet to vegan, and it got me thinking about how food makes me feel and researching where it comes from. The results weren’t pretty! So, this week DB and I decided to purchase some consumer-supported agriculture shares in local farms. Finally I’ve found a way to actually get the hormone/GMO/pesticide-free food that hippie articles are written about. I know this will be healthier for our family, and I also hope more people will follow suit. And I’m hoping that when we take our boys to visit the farm where their food comes from, it will be a small step towards inspiring the next generation to do right by the earth.

  • Wow. Y’all are doing such great stuff! It’s inspiring to read that folks care enough about something—anything—to make changes, big and small. Kudos!