Erykah Badu Performs “Window Seat” on Fallon, Wears Confusing Outfit

Saw this clip of Badu performing “Window Seat” on NBC’s “Jimmy Fallon” show- it was a parade of black girls with actress Regina King interviewed by the host just before the performance. While I love “Window Seat” I had to laugh outloud when I saw EB’s outfit. Is that a bathing suit with tights, a leather jacket and a top hat? What’s going on?!?

We love you regardless Erykah.

Peep the full clip after the jump!

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  • guywithglasses

    aint nothing confusing about that rump…thats perfectly clear.

    I think she just came from the gym.

  • erykah started the show wearing a trench with the top hat and what appeared to be a fancy swimming cap. the dramatic reveal gave us the swimsuit. classic!

    I love the roots. god knows I do but it takes a special musical guest like erykah to make me watch jimmy fallon. funny moments included when erykah interrupted jimmy to ask regina king what kind of condition she used while she was on 227. regina had resumed her conversation with fallon after she made a joke about her flip and asked e badu if she rocked a flip too. her response was serious and seemed to be on a time delay, lol. that and when jimmy fallon gushed, “I love you, erykah. you’re so pretty.”

  • Steely D

    no she didn’t! I’m so mad she asked about the conditioner, LOLZ. Oh Erykah. We still love you regardless.

    there was NO gym time in her day. I promise…