NewsBites: Jon Stewart Poses As A Madman, Race Debates, States Try to Block Healthcare Law, Oprah Settles, VP Biden Drops the F-Bomb(?

Jon Stewart parodies Glenn Beck [NY Mag]

Blonde women talk race on TV [The YBF]

14 states sue to block the healthcare law [CNN]

Oprah settles defamation suit [People]

Vice President Joe Biden remarks on healthcare [Vanity Fair]

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  • re: jon stewart – the daily show and the colbert report are part of my daily must-see tv. the beck parody was hilarious but then sad because that’s exactly how that ass acts and there are people ignorant enough to follow his warped train of thought.

    re: biden – you gotta love dude. it was a big f*ckin’ deal, lol. joe is so hood.