New Vid! Lady GaGa X Beyoncé = “Telephone”

So WHERE WERE YOU when GaGa & Bey debuted the video for “Telephone?” Remember when Michael Jackson used to debut his videos on television? Are we going back to those days? We love it.

Here it is, it’s interesting to say the least—gritty glam girl prisons, female bodybuilders, chains and all. Leave it to GaGa. Am I the only one who cracks up when she hits the MJ move? Wait. Can this even be played on MTV/BET? 

Watch it after the jump!

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  • Chantal


  • applaud that woman! the mj move alone is worth a standing o. all kinds of hilarious.

  • Steely D

    this video is nuts and where did they find/cast Tyrese with a porn ‘stache? so random.

  • Super creative, but a little confusing. The song and video don’t match.