Goose Bumps – Tiger Woods’ New Nike Ad

I just watched the new Nike ad featuring the voice of Tiger Woods’ dad, Earl Woods, as Tiger himself does nothing but stare into the camera with shame. The clips is very simple, powerful and nothing less than genius.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

Check out the ad below the jump!

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  • Chantal

    dang…makes me feel bad and I didnt even do anything!

  • yeah, i felt some kinda way about this ad. did tiger really need to drag his poor dead father into his mess, just to prove to us how sorry he really is? everything aside, shouldn’t he have heard his father’s voice in his head, warning him not to betray his wife dishonor his moral code? my forgiveness isn’t even being requested but i wouldn’t and shouldn’t have to feel guilted into forgiving because he invoked the memory of his father. that’s a low blow.