NewsBites – Kelis in the Times, Earthquake in Northern China + More

Kelis… Not that it’s any of our business, but do you think she’s right to demand all that money for her son, Knight? [TimesOnline]

An earthquake killed hundreds in Northwestern China last night. Smh. [NYT]

Twitter plans to harass your timeline with advertisements. Somehow we’re simultaneously happy and annoyed by this. [TheBVX]

Will U.S. President Obama’s nuclear plan make us safer? [ABC]

Greece is still teetering on the edge of financial disaster. It’s one thing for a state — I see you California — to go bankrupt, but an entire country? That’s not OK, nor is it an isolated incident won’t effect the global economy. [Guardian]

ps. I can’t stop listening to this song…I blame FUSE’s morning line-up? The words are kinda haunting…

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  • guywithglasses

    Thats not Alice in Chains. After Layne died, its just a cover band. Its like if Nirvana got a new lead singer. It just doesn’t count.

  • re: kelis, child support is more than acceptable but the amount of money that nas has to pay is ridiculous. in all child support cases, i always question how much of that is actually going to be spent on the child. i really wonder if any judge has ordered an itemized account of moneys spent to deter obnoxious child support requests.