Friends of Fabolous and Bow Wow Attack Kat Stacks?

What is going on in the world? Smh is all we can say, and we find it interesting that @myfabolouslife isn’t tweeting right now… maybe he’s calling around his camp to figure out exactly who shot John? And what’s up with the caption under the video here saying “Here Ya’ll Go Katt Stacks Slapped Out Her Chair Lmao” and it appears to be posted by a girl, though you can hear a male laughing during the clip.


Watch the ridiculousness after the jump, then if you’re in MIA, Stacks’ home, or ATL, where this incident occurred, call the local authorities and demand they protect women in your area.

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  • Jerrica

    Thats good for the dumb bitch. “EXPOSING” lies on the internet I would have slappped that hoe tooo!

  • This is wrong on SO many levels. First – what rapper sends someone, a man at that, to hit a girl? Yes, even Kat Stacks. Even Ghost knew to get his girl cousins…and whoever you pick is SO smart that they film and post it? So filming yourself assaulting a woman in public is a good move?

    On top of that, this video/taping occurred in a public place where (presumably) other people are and no one stopped a gang of dudes attacking a girl? Are we that messy as a people?

    I guess when we glorify the pimp, we get imitators.

  • jamie.k

    i am appalled, it doesnt matter what this girl said, i hope she called the police and filed assault charges against these scumbags.

  • i debated whether or not i should have even watched the video after tuning into the debate on twitter. i finally caved and i’m more disgusted now that i’ve seen it for myself after reading thread upon thread of misogynistic comments. the video and all those involved are wrong for all the reasons you listed. that brings me to the twitter debate. is it ever ok for a man to hit a woman? for all of the examples given to justify that heinous act, none of them applied in this scenario. katt stacks was not the first to strike. she didn’t have a weapon. there didn’t even appear to be an exchange of heated words before hands were thrown. how was hitting her repeatedly justifiable? secondly, no matter what she said, there was nothing to justify a group of men physically ganging up on her. if what she’s said is untrue, then those people should sue her for libel. all this act did was give truth to her statements and prove to me that dude and his crew are all a bunch of p*ssies.