News Bites – Agriculture Employee Quits Over Racist Video, Obama & Cameron Talk BP + More

So a black Dept. of Agriculture employee was caught on tape admitting that she didn’t help a farmer because of his race during an NAACP Freedom banquet? Sigh. [WashPo]

US President Obama and UK Prime Minister Cameron will most likely chat about the BP oil spill madness in their meeting today. [NYT]

After watching those prostitutes fight outside of an Oakland Burger King (damn damn damn JAMES! and no, we’re not linking to the video, it’s just too tragic), we guess it’s only right that Todd’s going to court. [AHH]

Summertime x beach brims = we want. [Blogue]

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  • guywithglasses

    You really have to listen to the context in which she tells that story. It was 24 years ago, and helped her realize that its not about white or black, but about the have and have nots. She later says she worked with the same guy she slighted and became friends over the years.

    The NAACP reaction was understandable, but I don’t this she should have resigned over it.