‘True Blood’ Recap! – Shuthefucup!

After one week without the vamps, we were sad around these parts. However last night’s episode? Wow, it should’ve been sponsored by the “f” word. From Bill punching Lorena in the face to Sookie telling Bill to “shuthefucup” over the phone, it was kind of a nutty episode. But as usual, that’s not all!


– “Shuthefucup!” – Sookie to Bill during the break-up phone call.

– “We fucked like only vamps can, I didn’t hold back for fear of hurting her like I do with you” – Bill to Sookie.

– “I don’t have a nutsack…” Sookie to Alcide.

– “It’s a were thing, we run hot…” Alcide to Sookie, while he’s topless. YAAASSS!

– Sam’s long-lost family? Living in his parking lot? SMH

– “It’s been a long night, I need to sleep so get the fuck out.” Bill to Lorena, just before he punches her in the face and out of his room.

– “I’m smelling your memories, I’ve got skills you can’t even dream of cowboy” Sookie to Eric. Eric’s day-dreaming of Sookie?

– “Ring ring hooker!” Lafeyette on the phone to Tara. Heart.

– Debbie Pelt appears in her full glory while at the were biker bar. LOL, she looks pretty much JUST like they describe her in the book.

– Tara and her vamp captor… yikes.

– “I guess the only way to get a promotion is to drink like a fish, hallucinate animals & kill a black man.” Kenya after Andy’s becomes Sherrif. True.

– “Let’s go RuPaul” Eric to Lafeyette, LOL.

– “How am I supposed to deal with this fuckedupness?!?” Lafeyette after Eric flies out of the car.

Questions & Comments:

So if Bill ratted out the Queen of Louisiana for selling V to the King of Mississippi, Russell Eddington, what does that mean for Eric? How can he get out of this one? Obviously that means Pam dies too… What about our fave Lafeyette?

And Russell heads up the Nazi “bloodhead” weres? Isn’t there a law against that in vamp land too?

Interesting how they’ve switched the fantasies… *SPOILER ALERT* because I could swear that Sookie was supposed to dream about Eric first, not the other way around. Am I wrong?

What is UP with Tara’s vamp captor, Franklin? And what does he want with Sookie? Again *SPOILER ALERT* Franklin’s story line is also different from the books, so I’m kind of at a loss since he doesn’t seem to be from Mississippi — or is he?


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  • WriteinBK

    Yeah, I’m totally lost. Although this Franklin is much MUCH hotter than the one in the book.

  • If memory servies, Sookie had dreams of Eric first, last season.

  • Alcide is FINE! Damn! I was watching this with my husband, so when he said that “we run hot” line I had to keep my “You shoooolll do!” to myself. LOL

    Lafayette is THE best character on that show. Hands down.

    Sookie had a dream about Eric last season.

  • i was going through withdrawal after 1 week without true blood. but it was so worth it! it was crazy for all the reasons you named. i was a little thrown by the storyline changes but it’s cool. i think the werewolf story line in the book was a little drawn out. the show seems like it’s going to erupt like every 3 minutes.

    re: russell, finding out that sophie anne is selling v gives him the advantage so he can force their union. while the means are different than they were in the book, the end is the same. their union = more money and power for russell. and franklin’s character is so much more interesting than it was in the book. he seems lonely and on the verge of snapping. steels, why don’t you think he’s from mississippi? none of the vamps, save bill, seem to be from the area where they live now.

    last season, i said that sookie needs to burn her house down and salt the earth because of all the bad things that had happened there. well, tara needs to take a daily bath in florida & holy water, lol. she keeps attracting craziness into her life but i guess she will continue until she works through her past.

    last comment – eric and alcide getting sexier and i love lafayette more and more.

  • Wow, Oh my Godric…this was the first GOOD episode of the season. All of the other ones were seriously boring and that is coming from a HUGE True Blood fan.
    Franklin Mott is super interesting, and that is rubbing off on Tara definitely. I have not liked Tara since she hit that downward spiral and met MaryAnn. Im very interested to see where things go.
    Thank God the Bill&Sookie package are out of the picture for a least a little while, they are the most irritating couple. That dream sequence with Eric was dreadful but hopefully there will be more [not incredrible corny] Eric sex scenes [without Sookie talking so much, damn!] in the future.