Kelis’ ‘Scream’ Video

I heard about this video being shot, but thought it was going to join “Put It In A Love Song” in video purgatory. Obviously it’s playing somewhere in the world, but I get the feeling that we should not to expect it on BET anytime soon, clearly the label may have shut this down. While I don’t agree that the David Guetta-produced track deserves a video (Home maybe?) I see Kelis’ vision, still something about the whole thing is way off. I miss Kelis just being glam for no reason.  Enjoy it below before they take it down!

PS. Who is her trainer? Wow.

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  • She’s not being Glam, she’s having fun. lol. I laughed at this video because i saw Kelis wanting to have soooo much fun being who she is. She really is that weird in person. And its REAL. Not like those industry brands (Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, etc) Kelis has no one to impress, she does what she wants and not what her Industry wants her to do.