Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg on Why There Are Too Few Women Leaders

Cleaning out my emails this weekend, I found this video hiding in my inbox. Sheryl Sandberg is Facebook’s COO and also a very interesting speaker. She hosted a TEDtalk on focused on why she thought more women aren’t leaders and what we could do to change that. Here are the pointers she listed as reactions to change the paradigm:

1) Sit at the table

2) Make your partner a real partner

3) Don’t leave before you leave

Curious? Watch the clip after the jump to see what she’s talking about and how you might be standing in your own way in the path to the corner office. Click here to watch.

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  • Hillary: Thank you for sharing Sandberg’s TEDTalk with your readers and for sharing TED in general. I enjoyed her talk very much. Being a “talks researcher” I remember thinking during her talk that one reality is that many talk sites feature far fewer women presenters than men. I would like to see many more women talks presenters. Most talks that have truly touched my inner core have been given by women. In any event, thank you for shining a light on Sandberg and TED. Please keep sharing talks with your readers. Jim Melfi, Founder, videotalks.org.