Dallas Mavericks Beat Miami Heat in 2011 NBA Finals: Let Chris Bosh Cry!

Chris Bosh … I’m don’t begrudge this man a good cry. Everyone has the ability to shed a few tears, we’re all human. Ironically, people don’t want you to cry especially if you are a part of the Miami Heat and the basketball press have anointed Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh the next coming of Jordan, Pippen, Magic and Jesus Christ all at the same time. After the Heatles [(c) my boy Jayson Rodriguez, isn’t that a great name for them?] lost their first NBA Finals as the trio from above, Bosh walked back to the locker room so sad he had to pause in the hallway to let that warm water flow from his eyes. Today, as everyone continues to hate on the Heatles and congratulate Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for a job well done, maybe we can give Bosh a break?

Watch below:


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  • Is it possible that the Mavericks are using some sort of illegal alchemical water to pull ahead in the finals? I read something about this. Here is the link that describes what they might be using:


  • Hooper

    Deera …Deera….. sore losers much?
    Well here’s something the Heatles (good one!)  can do while they figure out what went wrong
    –check out this alchemical water, try it, get it tested……and?
    ….and realize that it’s NOT illegal …. they were just caught napping while the Mavs got something to up their mojo!

    You snooze, you lose … Heatles!
    Maybe get some for the next game….!

  • Kat

    Hey Dude, I wanna know the truth.  Are the Mavs using this stuff?  They need to issue a statement before this goes too far.