‘Law & Order: UK’ Freema Agyeman’s Heroic Hair: Get The Look!

British actress Freema Agyeman, who has starred in BBC’s “Doctor Who,” “Casualty” and currently plays the role of crown prosecutor Alesha Philips in “Law & Order: UK,” is known for her great hair as much as her stunning looks. Here’s how to get the look of her lovely locks.

Freema usually dons a smooth look, which means she’s an avid fan of straighteners and blow drying. The actress’s hero product KeraCare’s Conditioning Creme Hairdress (£5.99/$9.72) nourishes and adds sheen to her tresses while acting as a heat protector. When using the product, rub a small amount between your palms and distribute it through your hair prior to any heat styling for a fabulous finished coif.

Have fun!

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  • Random question. I have only seen the show once when I was travelling in Rome. I noticed she didn’t wear the white barrister wig that the other lawyers and judges wore. Do you have any idea why? I don’t know the court room rules, are the wigs optional? 

  • chibik629

    I think it was because she wasn’t a fully fledged barrister yet, she still had exams to take. I’m watching an episode now in one of the later series where she is wearing the wig