Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Stroll Through LA

I stand before you a tireless Ryan Gosling fan. But I’ve been here since The Notebook! Just exactly when did you start liking him? Or at least that’s what I want to ask all of these Johnny Come Lately fans … Heh, losers. Anyway here’s Gosling strolling about the Los Angeles Observatory with Emma Stone, my new fave funny girl. The pair are shooting a film called Gangster Squad. And just for LA Observatory kicks — and the fact that I saw Paula Abdul on the American debut of Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor” last night. Question, just how much should one whiten their teeth? — I present you with “Rush.” Don’t act like you don’t want to watch Keanu Reeves pre-Speed

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  • The Notebook. pssh You ain’t ride or die. I loved him since the Mickey Mouse Club. 1993! Now what? LOL 

  • I’m with Nicoleisthenewblack. I actually have a video recorded on vhs of him and justin timberlake singing Jodeci’s “Cry for you.” He oozed sexiness and charisma even back then. *swoon*  –VAB

  • girl i used to time my vcr to record the mickey mouse club EVERYDAY my family would be so mad cause i was the only one in the house that was tech savy enough to time the vcr and have the channel auto change and LOCK. they were stuck watching it if they liked it or not. my grandfather would be mad. LOL the cry for you bit is on youtube. for all interested parties.

  • Ya’ll were balling, my mother NEVER let me get the Disney channel even though I wanted it SO BAD, especially when they let off those free Disney weekends? *shakes head* But I thought I’d share: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdS34CtsPOI