Beyoncé Gives Us Vintage Dance Glam In ‘Countdown’

As promised, King B’s new video for “Countdown” debuted on MTV this evening. At first glance, it’s a nod to Audrey Hepburn mod, but if you take a closer look Beyoncé is giving us vintage dance-class glam with a myriad of influences and style references from various showbiz classics. Obviously this was shot before the “bump” but she manages to give us a few pretty good hints at what’s to come. The track is Hills’ jam since she’s about to be a married lady, so I’m just gonna wait for my single-lady anthem “Party” to drop next. Check out the clip below:

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  • Kenya

    The opening of this video is the most I’ve ever seen the Beyonce and Solange resemblance. 

  • Love it. So bright and fun. King Bey doesn’t disappoint!


    I like it, but it definetly wasn’t what I expected … so cute though!

  • head.just.exploded.

  • Mr.Who

    she did what? It.