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Maya Rudolph As Beyoncé on ‘SNL’: Watch It!

Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé on "SNL"

Shannon and I watched Maya Rudolph host “Saturday Night Live” last night (Feb. 18) between glasses — notice I didn’t say shots … — of vodka and sorrel and it was great. I don’t usually watch much “SNL” and unlike other people it’s not because I hate it or anything, I just don’t remember it’s on or I’m using Saturday night as an excuse to watch some really questionable chick flick like Something Borrowed. Don’t judge me.

Last night, Maya killed “SNL,” as if I didn’t already love she and Christina Applegate’s chemistry on NBC’s “Up All Night” sitcom. My favorite skit was Ms. Rudolph as a dramatic Beyoncé with Jay Pharoh, the guy who is good at celebrity impressions, playing Jay-Z, and the pair welcoming celebrity friends to see their newborn Blue Ivy. Fred Armison as a smirking Prince = gold. Watch below starting at 17.00 and laugh with me!

ps. Sleighbells also performed “Comeback Kid” and the show’s sound was so bad I couldn’t understand the lyrics and the music just sounded like noise. Womp.

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  • Damon Aldora

    Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig are awesome together as shown in their movie Bridesmaids. Of course, they were awesome here, but I think the best skit was with Rudolph and Poehler in Bronx Beat. I was dying to laughter. I was watching it in my hotel room on my laptop using DISH Online and I probably sounded like an idiot to my neighbors. I forgot to set my DVR to record it the other night before I left, and I knew DISH Online would have it ready and waiting for me to stream whenever I wanted whether it was at DISH where I work or in a hotel room in another state. I use DISH Online quite a lot since I travel. I like using it because there are many free shows available like Saturday Night Live, and since I subscribe to DISH, there is even more available. I really hope that they keep the hilarity coming in future episodes!