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Hotel Love: Rockhouse Hotel & Spa

There comes a time in every beyond-busy girl’s life when she has to stop and reset. Generally it’s when she starts to operate on a more robotic basis than a human one: sleep, eat, work, and repeat. It’s when the idea of merely thinking about your to-do list is a tiring ordeal. This is the time to turn all the way down and when it hit me the past October I listened. And knew exactly where I wanted to do it. In Jamaica. On a cliff. At Rockhouse.

My mission was simple: I wanted a longer “power weekend” kinda of getaway so I knew I had to stay within one timezone. Since I’d already penned Columbus Day weekend into my personal travel schedule I knew that the Caribbean would be my best bet for a shorter jaunt. And as I was traveling dolo, I wanted the thrill of discovery along with a few hints of familiarity. Duh, Jamaica.

Located on the literal western tip of Jamaica in Negril, Rockhouse has been a longtime favorite of my travel-savvy friends and colleagues, so I had put it on my “must-do” list years ago. It wasn’t until I was having dinner at the hotel’s sister hotspot in New York City that it clicked. If I wanted to do nothing, I had to go somewhere that “nothing” was the main activity. I booked my flight that night.

Getting There
While it’s possible to fly directly to Negril via an inter-island transfer, most international flights will come into nearby Montego Bay. From there, it’s about a 1.5-2 hour scenic ride from Mo’Bay to Negril. I arranged my transportation through Rockhouse directly with a company called Kenny Tours and had a private, air conditioned can waiting for me upon arrival. With both of my trips to and from the hotel I found Kenny’s staff to be super courteous and serve as unofficial tour guides for the route. A complimentary stops to nearby convenience stores for a Red Stripe and patty for the ride didn’t hurt either. Gratefully both rides could be charged to my room instead of me having to fumble for cash at the airport. It’s a long ride no doubt, but once I arrived it was quickly forgotten.

Much Ado In The Name of Nothing
Upon walking into Rockhouse and eerie sensation develops. It’s quiet. Not exactly silent, it’s a blend of the water that surrounds you, trees in the breeze and Jamaican nature doing it’s thing. Though unsettling for a city-dweller at first, it’s a sound you will soon miss upon leaving. This sense of overall calm, manifests itself throughout your time at Rockhouse. From the design of the property to the people it employs, there is a serious commitment to chill.

After checking in, I ventured to the main social area, the pool. Aside from honeymooning couples and a funny group of maturely “I’m just so happy to be away from my kids” rowdy friends on their 4th round of rum punches, the overall vibe was super chill. As the property is small in size with only twenty villas and 14 hotel-style rooms/suites you quickly start to feel as if you are in a small, privileged club of people who equally share good taste and travel and a serious commitment to relaxation in style.

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