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Us Parlour Girls could not live without a little help from our friends…check out our Parlour Fam, located here, there and everywhere around the globe!

To get your view from across the pond, Miss London Party will be your guide. Every week, she’ll be casting her eye over the big stories happening with the Brits. From fashion to entertainment to current affairs to politics, she’s got you covered. A Londoner born and bred, she’s worked as a journalist for two of the UK’s biggest broadcasters, and is currently presenting daily TV news — so she’ll be giving you an inside view on events. In her free time, she likes sitting in the pub on a Sunday afternoon, going through the newspapers, drinking a glass (actually a bottle) of wine, and tucking into a good ol’ English roast. Cliched, but true! She plays netball, swims and is ever so slightly addicted to trashy US shows on her cable TV. Check out her posts here.

Writer and editor Kenrya Rankin is the very opinionated daughter of a Black Nationalist and wife of a metaphysician (can you imagine what her family dinners are like?!). When she’s not duking it out at home, she’s doing it in print, writing on the shortcomings of American education, how to work inside America’s sucky political system and why we can’t all just get along. She also enjoys telling people what to do, so she publishes pieces in realms as disparate as health, travel, finance, career growth, family and entertaining. Yeah, she’s a busy chick, but she’ll be hanging around Parlour giving you her 13 cents on everything vaguely sociopolitical. Stay up! Check out her posts here.

The city of lights…love and all things fashionable. French Kissed is all about the pursuit of the good life in Paris, France. Every week she gave us an insider’s view of the hottest expositions, newest restaurants, latest trends along with Paris’s best kept secrets.  Originally from Chicago—she’s already lived in LA and New York and now she’s taking Paris by storm. A self described voyeur, she loves getting lost in a new part of Paris and discovering why the people who live there call it home. She’s a move and a shaker, so hang on and try to keep up. You might even learn a little French along the way! Check out her posts here.

Terita likes three things in life: sports, beer, and watching sports while drinking beer. She also has a Masters Degree in Sports Management, has worked for a pro team, a sports marketing agency and now runs her own sports-based business. Her point of view is truly her own, the faint of heart need not apply. Check out her posts here.

This 20-something Puerto Rican is married with children. And although his wife is no Peggy (she works and is quite the dime piece), the couple goes through the typical ups, downs and in-betweens. Bundy remains anonymous and insists that if a movie was made on his life that Latino actor Rick Gonzalez play the lead, not because of any physical resemblance, but simply because “Rick plays every Latino in every movie.” A loving father and devoted husband, the Brooklyn representative believes in life after death and love after marriage. Barring a steamy affair with Alicia Keys, Al “Brooklyn” Bundy pledges to be D4L. Check out his posts here.

Don’t let the name fool you. Single Girl is an honorary card carrying member of the Man’s Mind. Years of working at a barbershop, gyms, and having more male friends than she can count…She’s a half a chromosome away from sprouting a penis and chest hair with all of the man knowledge she knows. Yes, she’s really single. And no, she’s not ugly. Check out her posts here.

Amelda Davis is a twenty-something editor living and partying in New York City. She’s realized she’s much better at friendships than relationships, but keeps dating anyway. The result of her adventures -and those of consenting friends– are the subject of this hilarious and sometimes way too honest blog. Check out her posts here.


Be Mock’d is one of PLR’s featured contributors on the environment, politics and how the hood gets mocked by both. Check out his posts here.

Ms. Skeptical has a Master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and works for a women’s health non-profit organization in Washington D.C. In her free time she enjoys reading technical health articles, graphic novels, and trashy smut romance. She’ll be dropping in every week to tell you what health issues you should be aware of, and when you should probably tell your doctor, “Let’s think about that diagnosis again, shall we?” (Our Lawyers Say: Skeptical is fabulous, but not a doctor, please consult a physician if you are experiencing any health-related problems.) Check out her posts here.


Says Hitched Chick: Single ladiiies…make noise!! How else will the eligible bachelors know you’re out there? I jest. But if you’re hoping to find “the one,” I’d like to think I could help—I got out of the game almost seven years ago. I grew up mostly in the Northeast (Navy brat) and went to college in Florida and North Carolina. But it was in DC that I met and married my southern gentleman. We recently made the move from DC to NYC, and I must say I’m glad I’m not single in this city. No dis. Women just have to be really smart if they’re going to find a worthy man. So, I hope this column will demystify some of the common, and not so common, relationship pitfalls. You might not need all of the advice I give, but for the tips that speak to you—you’re welcome! Check out her posts here.


Says Dilia: Psst. Over here. Yeah, you. Scribble scrabbles and Berlinski rambles from the land of Currywurst and Apfelschorle. Life in Berlin as a true-blue New Yorker unfolds with each day uncovering magical (and ‘WTF?’) moments and revelations. Fleeing from Idaho-anized NYC and eight years of working my (imaginary) balls off in entertainment and media, I yearned for something ‘freshe und neu’ in a city far and removed. So I escaped to the unpaved and crumbling Berlin, Germany. I’ve been here for eight months now and have settled into my outrageously cheap apt in Prenzlauerberg (Expat-ville…get me outta here!) Check out her posts here.


Poema Jones brings you Amsterdam from a colorful perspective. She will be reporting on anything that takes her fancy, from fashion to politics and even love. She owns her own accessories and clothing label and in her free time she enjoys strolling the streets of Amsterdam while taking pictures, going to exhibitions, socializing and having drinks in her favorite café, Harlem Soulfood. Being somewhat of a foodie, she also enjoys cooking and trying out new restaurants. Enjoy! Check out her posts here.


I’m Richard M Down, better known as Dick M Down, a grown-ass man living in New York City. I’m a blend of conscious hip-hop fan, corporate executive, gentleman of necessity and a healthy proponent of essential ignorance. I’m here to inject some testosterone into Parlour. Ya’ll chicks need it! By my assessment of relationships, neither women or men are stupid, but some definitely act let like it by letting their emotions override their logic. So, I’m here to help…maybe. Check out his posts here.


Kari Cruz is a well versed media & entertainment professional, an accomplished publicist, writer, proud latina and eternal b-girl at heart. Born in New York City and raised in both the Bronx and Mt.Vernon, Kari was immersed in the vibrancy, flavor, legacy, and culture of each city. She’ll be bringing y0u the freshest fashion and make-up tips fresh from the showrooms! Check out her posts here.

Damien Lemon is a NYC based comedian/writer who’s not famous yet. He holds a double black belt in Shit Talk and makes a modest living as a freelance condom model. Take a look into his world here and if you’re in NYC, check him out live at Comedy On The Hump, the weekly comedy show he co-produces at Laugh Lounge. Check out his posts here.


On January 12, 2009, I celebrated my two year expat anniversary here in Barcelona (pronounced Barthalona). The romantic dreams of my life here were, in large measure, fantasy; weekend trips out of town equals going to Venice or Prague, coffee and/or Claras at an outdoor café has become a ritual and I can roll my r’s now too. But there are some parts that are less fairy tale-like.  I am looking forward to sharing the aggravations and delights of my vida en España. Check out her posts here.

Luciana Sabbag…the “Brasileirinha”, is from a land of samba and tambourine. That place you know because of football, the carnival, the feijoada and magnificent beaches. She is a journalist, writer and actress in Brazil. She works with Social Media in a multinational company and, even through the day in the office, she loves the Brazilian happiness and the climate of her country.  People are receptive and warm, so she could not be different: to know distinct people, cultures and nations is her favorite hobby. Check out her posts here.


A radio personality and all around fly chick, Sheila chimes in from Nairobi with the haps. Check out her posts here.

And more to come from the rest of the fam soon…..