Afternoon Tea 3.25.08

Radio personality Wendy Williams’ talent booker is suing her and her Inner city Broadcasting Radio company for sexual harassment among other things. According to the booker,  Williams gets roughed up in the office by her husband, leaving her workers scared for their own safety. Yikes. [NYP]

Detroit’s hip-hop mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded not guilty today to charges of lying under oath about an affair and using taxpayer money to cover it up. (did you ever cue up that Curtis Mayfield?) [LAT]

Although prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, Uganda still won’t let the ladies of the evening have that class reunion. [BBC]

OMG!!! Teen thriller author R.L. Stine is prepping another book series called “Goosebumps HorrorLand.” Don’t act like you didn’t read his books when you were 15. (wonder what happened to Christopher Pike?) [NYT]

Hillary Clinton claimed she had 50 Cent-like street credibility and told a tale of landing in Bosnia under sniper fire. One problem, CBS footage shows her strolling down the landing strip. [BBC]

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