Afternoon Tea 3.27.08


Sorry Tea’s a little late ladies, that day job’s a killer, but without further ado…

This is not a good day for hip-hop:

Remy was convicted today for shooting her friend Makeda Barnes in the stomach. She’s looking at 25 years in prison. [AP]
Today, T.I. did indeed plead guilty to those weapons charges (sniffle sniffle). [AP]

If British VOGUE’s second favorite model (first = Kate Moss) Agyness Deyn makes you want to freestyle in Reeboks then you’re in luck. [sassybella]

This Wu Tang Latino album folks keep talking about is actually dropping on April 29. [guanabee]

Christian “A Hot Tranny Mess” Siriano strikes again! And on American Idol no less… [fashionista]

“Hectoring”…know what that means? We do now thanks to sitting duck President Bush. Translation = Bush is accusing Congress of bullying (hectoring) Iraqi leaders for their lack of progress. Wait, so we don’t want progress? [reuters]

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