Afternoon Tea 3.28.08


It seems like George Clooney’s (swoooon) fiance has a little bit o’freak in her too. We still vote yes on their nuptials because now the honeymoon is guaranteed to be ROCKIN. [Dlisted]

Ever been robbed and offered to buy your attacker dinner? This social worker did and that is why we love him. [NPR]

Like Shaggy, Puerto Rico Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila says it wasn’t him. **shrugs** [BBC]

Ok, so if you did your taxes in America then you’re getting Bush’s cash refund. But the US government is also kicking out another $100 billion in an effort to offset the recession. Think it’ll work? Suze Orman doesn’t think so… [BBC]

Zimbabwe may be looking at another term of Robert Mugabe as their president. He’s NEVER leaving office, and he has rigged the election to keep it that way. Honestly, at least he’s not hiding it all that much, whereas here in America they make us go through elections and counting and such, only to spring the Electoral College and..well we all know the end result.[VOA]

Call your Cuban grandmother. No really, President Raul Castro says you can. [Reuters]

Hell, even reality TV Judge Mathis is against Kwame Kilpatrick. We know, we know…but it’s just too good to resist. [Bossip]

Your Prada may be made of blood money. [fashionista]

Want more tea? It’s a Friday special !

T.I. made a statement…[MissInfo]

Terrence Howard, one of our favorite baby-wipe lovin leading men, is gracing the cover of the new issue of GIANT magazine. As always, he’s dropping his own brand of knowledge. [ybf]

Here in New York City, the DKNY billboard has been our faithful friend and welcoming SoHo landmark for the past 16 years. Now it seems that gay porn producers + retailer Abercrombie & Fitch have taken the space and will be replacing the billboard soon. Goodbye Donna and hello shirtless frat-boy. [racked]

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