Afternoon Tea 3.31.08


Aw man, just when we got reacclaimated to TV without the writer’s strikes, now the actors are gearing up to shut Hollywood down. (pictured: DeNiro and wife Grace Hightower – you know Robert loves the brownies, lol) [People]

Now Cubans can stay in Cuban Hotels. What a novel idea… [BBC]

Oakland, Ca reached it’s highest death rate in ten years in 2006. Here’s a multi-media breakdown of exactly what’s going down. [SFG]

In addition to badgering fans (and dsteel) with an exhaustive performance last night, Mos Def is playing Chuck Berry in the upcoming film about Chess Records, “Cadillac Records.” It’s the reunion of old boo’s since Beyonce is playing Etta James in the film and word on the street says that before there was Jay-Z, there was Mos D… [Billboard]

US Housing secretary Alphonso R. Jackson stepped down saying he wants to hang out with his family, but this announcement comes as he is being investigated for giving housing contracts to buddies inNew Orleans and the Virgin Islands. [NYT]

Like Popeye, Hillary Clinton says she’s gonna fight to the finish. [Guardian]

Back to the LA Times saga + Tupac + Puffy + Jimmy Rosemond + LA Times writer Chuck Phillips, Jimmy Rosemond, manager of the Game, says he’s suing the LA Times. We expect him to catch a FAT check. [Billboard]

Nelly’s coming out this summer, just like he was supposed to come out last summer, lol… [HHDX]

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