An Almost Teenage Love

Rather than sit around and try to figure out what’s going on in the minds of married men, we grabbed one, gave him total anonyminity and a computer and voila – Al “Brooklyn” Bundy was born. Al will be giving us his point-of-view on a regular basis, so check back for updates . What do we think so far? Maybe being single ain’t so bad…

-dsteel & jbaker

I remember when I told one of best guy friends that I was gettin’ married, dude was SICK! He was really offended. Granted, he and I have been runnin’ through the streets of Brooklyn since we were six years old– we had the jungle gyms on LOCK– but homeboy was on some “I don’t believe you should be gettin’ married and I refuse to come to your wedding.” And I was like, “Fuck it, stay ya’ ass home then.”

Now in all fairness, I was barely old enough to legally drink when I proposed to my girl. Even though I guzzled my first 40 at the tender age of 12, I’d only been dating her on and off since high school. Even my sister had her reservations. She must’ve asked me if I was sure about three or four different times but looking back I understand her concern. Love is blind and a 21 year-old could come out lookin’ like Mr. Magoo, but when you know, you know. Ya know?

I fell in love with wifey the first time I met her. Actually I fell in love the first time I saw her, but it took about a year for her to realize that I even existed. So, the other day I was pondering the reasons I got married…I was in love– and I still am, ain’t no Freudian slips here– and I realized my best friend and lover were one in the same.

With my wife, I found someone who shared the same dreams and aspirations. Even though our goals were different, our separate determination fueled our collective drive. Plus, shorty was a ten and with me being the pretty young don that I am, I knew we’d make a power couple for real. This was truly the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and like Method Man, “fuck the world don’t ask me for shit!” Whoever ain’t like it could fall back and then fall back again.

Now my buddy– the one who refused to attend the wedding– in all honesty swings his dick pretty freely. We’re all grown so I don’t really have to say no homo (do I?!?). So I guess in some ways my buddy felt my marriage would put a dent in his lifestyle. Not that he needed a wingman, dude is a beast. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of trysts. But I was always a quality over quantity dude. Where’s the fun in crushing someone you don’t even really lust? Women, this goes for you too. Ya’ll choose dudes worse than we choose ya’ll.

Basically for my boy, marriage was the scariest thing in the world and probably still is. Almost ten years later dude can barely commit to the city he lives in and floats between both N.Y.C. and Tokyo. But one day late last year, he surprised the shit outta me. On one of his N.Y. trips, he asked me “How do you know when it’s time? How do you know when a girl is the one?” I was SHOCKED, because dude was on some Wilt Chamberlain shit for real. Through my surprise, I gave him as honest an answer as I could: “You just know, ya know?”

A few weeks later he dumped the chick… Damn!

–Al “Brooklyn” Bundy

This 20-something Puerto Rican is married with children. And although his wife is no Peggy (she works and is quite the dime piece), the couple goes through the typical ups, downs and in betweens. Bundy remains anonymous and insists that if a movie was made on his life that Latino actor Rick Gonzalez play the lead, not because of any physical resemblance, but simply because “Rick plays every Latino in every movie.” A loving father and devoted husband, the Brooklyn representative believes in life after death and love after marriage. Barring a steamy affair with Alicia Keys, Al “Brooklyn” Bundy pledges to be D4L.


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