California Girl

So yesterday, we introduced you to Al “Brooklyn” Bundy, our in-house married guy discussing commitment. With that, we thought it was only fair to grab a single guy, that’s making serious moves on both coasts, to give us his take on things. And since the game is usually sold and not told, we’re thinking you should keeping checking for our Southern Gentleman’s ideas on life, love and women. We are taking notes with every post.

I honestly think most women want someone that can take care of them. Not only protection, but really take care of them. I’ve been paying bills for a while now and personally I’m looking for a suga mama to get me some shit. On the flipside, most men really want to be able to hold their girl down financially. You know…send her shopping, put her in a big ass house, some real American dream type shit. At one point, I was no different. I never have being taken advantage of, but if I was with you, I was with you. If I had it, you had it.
You know when you look at MTV’s home show “Cribs” and an entertainer or athlete introduces a not-so-wifey-looking wife? You’re looking at her like ‘I know with his money and status, he could at least get a chick with a tight weave, I mean damn.” Well, what you don’t realize is that she was with him before the cars, clothes and dough. She might have helped him sell his CD’s or a little something else. He probably drove her Toyota Camry to the studio when the dream wasn’t so real and now that he has “arrived” this is her reward. Believe me, she has paid her dues. This brings us to the story of LA.

Now after I garnered a fair amount of entertainment industry interest and buzz, I decided to take my show on the road to the cities where the real checks were cut, New York and LA. New York was good to me but if I was really going to stay on my grind and get my music heard, I had to hit the left coast. When I first got to Los Angeles, things didn’t move right away. I was writing a lot and meeting people but nothing was really poppin’. I had an apartment right off of Sunset Boulevard and I would spend most of my free time fucking with ladies. You have to remember that I’m from the South so this slender, sunglass-clad model shit was a slight change of pace from what I was used to–I liked it though.

I was recording new songs whenever I could get some free studio time, which was hardly ever, and during a studio run I ran into “California Girl.” She had a frame similar to singer Amerie and she was bi-racial, Black and Mexican. She also had a nice little ass with some tight calves–she said she ran track, but I never believed it–and long hair down her back. Picture a black Paris Hilton with big ass sunglasses– that’s got to be a Cali thing– with the same ditsy ass tone. I caught her coming out of the gas station filling up her Honda Accord. I said something about her glasses and it was on from there.

When I first hooked up with her, I didn’t really see anything special. I mean she was bad, but I thought at most I would fuck with her until I got what I came for, and nothing more. After talking to her, I found out she went to University of Southern California and really had a lot more to her than met the eye. Before I knew it we were into stage two of a full blown relationship. You know, a high frequency of calls, implied dates and feminine products at my crib. I was with her just about every day and really started to let her into what I was trying to do. She started coming by when I worked— again, hardly ever–and I met her family. Money slowed up for a few weeks and she really helped me out. This only made me want to keep her closer because she wasn’t really ballin’ herself. Soon, everything worked itself out and money started coming in again.

Going forward I kind of felt like I owed her a little bit. Not like you owe a dude in the streets but I wanted to reward her for staying down when shit got a little hairy. Don’t get it twisted. When I had it, she did too. But I thought it was dope that she was there for me. That was a turning point in our situation because her swag changed a little and I wasn’t the only one that felt she was owed a lil’ bit. We both started communicating less but we were still very much “together.” I still felt like I could really fuck with her but I found myself being a little more secret about my finances. My record label deal was in it’s the final stages and knowing that I had my advance check coming any day only made me more secretive.

After I was signed, things really started to change. She was in her last year at USC and I was working more often. But where she used to come to the studio, she stopped. She blamed it on school and I was cool with that. I was going back and forth to Atlanta recording but I would fly her to see me all the time. Now I had a few more women getting at me but I always kept her first. Her insecurities often led to fights and for the first time, we would spend days locked in a power struggle, not talking. She often caved but I could tell she was starting to stray. This prompted me to really tighten our shit up and I found my self spending more time with her. At this point, I was in full recording mode and I was sometimes even sleeping at the studio. When I would ask her to bring certain things by she was hesitate but more often than not, she came through in the end. Then, it happened.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I’d gotten a call to come and listen to some beats. I had no plans for the day with California Girl because she was going to the movies with her friends so I headed to the studio. When I got there, I heard a group of ladies in the lounge area and when I walked in, California Girl, with all her friends in tow, was in the middle and one of my label mates had his head in her lap. In my mind, I went into Oran “Juice” Jones mode—“I missed you so much I followed you today”–but being the man I am, I live by the creed of “ya b*&ch chose me.” In a scene from the 1970s “The Mack,” the main character and pimp, Goldie, would have been proud of me. I pounded everybody present up, took the beat CD and got up out of there. Later, I probed my label mate to find out the nature of his relationship with California Girl and as I expected she was “just pussy.”

By this time, I had no shortage of women–no that I ever have–but I left that situation with a chip on my shoulder that I’d never had before: embarrassment. California Girl waited a few days before she called me to plead her case and by then I was back home in Atlanta. I told her that I wasn’t really mad that she did what she did. I was mad that I entertained the notion of settling down with her and feeling like I owed her anything more that hard dick and bubble gum. Going forward, I have had a few more relationships. But not one of them has had the same time span, level of intimacy or bullshit ending as my relationship with California Girl.

– Southern Gentleman
Allow myself to introduce myself; I’m the “Southern Gentlemen” and country boy at heart with mouth piece as slick as my swagger. Not only am I a rhyme spitta, I’m a lady getta, and can’t help it! I’ve had my fair share of relationships, but they usually ended in infidelity, sometimes my fault sometimes theirs. I’m not “male whore” and I don’t take advantage of every opportunity that arises but I do partake in my fair share. As a young rapper navigating his way through the music industry I find myself constantly at odds with the women I date, trusting them and absorbing how my career affects my relationships. Ultimately I want to get married, have kids and a white picket fence. But in the meantime, I’m having fun with the ladies and when I find “that one”…I guess I’ll just know and then I’ll lay it down for good. Maybe.

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