Currently Obsessing Over: Coach’s Bleeker Bag

I have a love-hate relationship with smaller satchels. On one hand, they’re very cute and appropriate for a weekend stroll through the park or a quick trip downtown. However, during the week I need that big ol’ soccer mom bag for all my crap. I’ve often said that for New York women without a car, our purses are the equivalent of a high school locker, complete with pictures of our boyfriends, husbands and/or kids stuck to the wallpaper of our cell phone instead of public school walls.

Still, Spring is on the way. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to add a small bag to the fray. Not to mention, I’ve been drooling over Coach’s Bleecker Leather Flap bag for at least a month. This is a big deal because, no disrespect, I’m not much of a Coach girl. I don’t condone monogrammed logos on much of anything, it just seems self congratulatory and a bit tacky. But what do I know? I’m a self-described Marc Jacobs whore with a bit of Louis Vuitton (hello Epi…) sprinkled in there. Barring my personal taste, I appreciate a good bag and the vintage quality of the Bleeker is too good to resist. Plus, the good folks at Coach made the Bleeker in an array of great colors like brown, black, tan and green (<< that’s my fave).

ps. I even have to say that Marc’s satchel rival doesn’t compare.marc-jacos-posh-turnlock-messenger-bag.jpg

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