Morning Coffee: 3.24.08

Happy Mondaaaaaay!

Wombs-for-hire. In addition to being a hotspot for customer service/call center outsourcing, India may slowly embracing the surrogate mother industry. [BBC]

Jill Scott talks about working with on filming her new movie ‘The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency‘ in Botswana and working with the talented late director, Anthony Mighella. [Telegraph]

News Flash! Wealthy people live longer! Minorities still have more health problems! JBaker is still single! And the sky is blue! [NYTimes]

During Easter service yesterday in Chicago, several anti-war demonstrators squirted fake blood on themselves and parishioners in protest. In our neighborhood, damaging someone’s Easter outfit is enough to start another war. [ChicagoTribune]

In 2001, Sharla Musabih opened the first and only abused women’s shelter in Dubai. Now, seven years later, attempts are being made to shut Musabih’s doors because her behavior has been deemed as “inappropriate” by those who believe abuse is a “quiet matter”. [NYTimes]

Dutch? Sranan? Portuguese? Creole? Chinese? The exact “national language” of Suriname is complex. Another reason why colonialism sucked. [IHT]

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