Morning Coffee: 3.25.08

It’s Tuesday. Pass the caffeine.

Greedy South African platinum mining companies are kicking residents out of their homes to fund the world’s jewelry habit. [BBC]

The 90’s hip-hop show, YO! MTV Raps, is returning online for it’s 20th Anniversary. YEAH BOYEEE! [MTV]

FREEDOOOMMM!!! George Michael is releasing not only his newest “Greatest Hits” in April, but beginning a US tour in June and plans to drop an autobiography by the Fall! [BBC]

Two were killed during a Pro-Tibet rally in Southern China. What was a peaceful march by nuns and monks turned violent as residents and police joined the fray. [Guardian]

High gas prices are supplementing California’s $8 billion deficit? Well, maybe that $60 to fill up ain’t so bad. [SFC]

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