Morning Coffee: 3.26.08

After unveiling the world’s cheapest car this year, Indian automaker Tata is set to buy luxury car brands Jaguar and Landrover from the Ford Motor Company. India.Is.Not.Playing. [BBC]

Coming to New York soon? Get ready to be fingerprinted. [Reuters]

LAPD officers are more likely to commit suicide than to be killed on duty. [LATimes]

Attempts to “empower” Muslim women in the UK are coming under fierce scrutiny by the Islamic community. [Reuters]

This totally missed us. Seems the feds let rapper T.I. out of his house (arrest) to attend church on Easter, where he addressed the congregation about Aids prevention, forgiveness and hopefully, told kids not to play with toy guns. [VH1]

Oops! The US shipped missile fuses to Taiwan – by mistake. Our bad, can we get those back now? [WaPo]

The “A” Team movie is finally a reality. All we wanna know is, who’s gonna be Mr. T? [Woohah]

The earth is melting. Seriously. Al Gore is preparing a statement right now. [CNN]

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