Morning Coffee: 3.27.08

It’s official. Kimora and Russell have drawn up the divorce papers. Go Djimon!!! [People]

Your parents were onto something when they let you have a “taste” of wine at Thanksgiving dinner when you were little. [NYTimes]

While we normally hate the idea of beauty pageants, the “Miss Landmine Survivor” contest of Angola has our full attention and support! [BBC]

Hillary’s loose lips on Rev.Wright, dodging bullets, her experience and just about everything else are biting her in the ass. On both cheeks. [NyMag]

Hey Guys! The price of wearing a University of Texas t-shirt in a bar filled with University of Oklahoma fans? Getting your balls torn off. [SFGate]

Even if you are not a model, you’re gonna have to lose some weight if you want to appear in Vogue. Anna hates the fatties. [NYTimes]

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