Morning Coffee: 3.28.08

Other than the election, we have been faithfully following MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, which for us is better than watching the news after a hard day’s work. In the end, it all came down to Status Quo and the Jabbawockeez and last night the Jabbawockeez won! Expect the hip-hop class at your local gym to be packed for the next few weeks. Peep the ‘tube for our favorite routine from episode seven– when they took it to the old-school. [MTV]

Why do new parents get to have all the fun? You get the birth of a child AND a few paid months off? We fully support me-ternity leave, and unlike Lucie, we won’t get bored. [Telegraph]

By now, you must’ve heard about Thomas Beatie, the transgender man who’s pregnant. Pause. Sadly, doctors fear that the testosterone he’s been taking may negatively affect the baby. Some people still don’t believe the whole thing. [ABCNews]

Ok, at this point we are about to move to Switzerland, where elected officials seem to stay out of the news. Puerto Rican governor, Aníbal S. Acevedo Vilá, is currently facing 19 criminal charges connected to the financing of three of his political campaigns. Will this finally explain why the P.R. government had to financially shutdown back in 2006? [NYTimes]

The Salem Witch hunts are still going on…in India. [BBC]

Say…you got a nose job, but then you decided that you weren’t feeling it. Maybe you could re-grow it? [Scientific American]

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