Morning Dish: 3.18.08

David Patterson, newly sworn in yesterday as New York’s governor, readily admitted that yes, he did have an affair for 2-3 years…and so did his wife. After marriage counseling, they worked it out–but it doesn’t excuse the fact that it all went down at a Days Inn. [NYDN]

It’s one thing to read about Heather Mills tirade about her £24.3 million settlement (as opposed to the £125 million she asked for), but its another thing to watch it. [Telegraph]

Still feeling the heat from the comments made by his (probably soon to be former) pastor, Barack Obama is delivering a speech today centering on race – because no one knows more about race than us minorities. [NYTimes]

Crediting stress-related health problems, feminist author Taslima Nasrin is planning to leave India just 4 months after protests forced her to move from her home in Calcutta to Delhi. Death threats will do that to you. [BBC]

Botkier is coming to Target…we repeat, Botkier bags are coming to Target!!! [NyMag]

Thelma and Louise don’t have shit on Helen and Olga: After coaxing homeless men into signing insurance policies and then killing them, these ladies had the good sense to rock matching pantsuits to their jury selection – ya know, to make a good impression. [WaPo]

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